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A Message of Hope and Resilience from the Board Chair

We never imagined we would need to physically distance ourselves from family, friends, and colleagues, to become super vigilant with handwashing and sanitizing, and to deliver education in very different ways due to the province-wide cancellation of classes. 

Around the world, education is having to adjust quickly in response to these new circumstances.  While the pandemic crisis is a worrisome reality, it is temporary, and we will undoubtedly get through it.  Through difficult situations, our resilience is built and we grow stronger.  In challenging times, our faith unites and supports us, helping us to adapt our daily lives and to weather the storm.  This is a blessing that we can never take for granted.

In the Easter season, we recall the sacrificial love of Christ on the cross which leads to resurrection and new life.  We will rise again, whatever may come. There is no question that, when we turn to prayer, God is there with us.  We are confident that working together and supporting each other will help us get through these trying times. 

As Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Denna Hinshaw continues to remind us, we are in this together. 

Thank you for your faith and trust in us as we move forward.